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*Claim Classic Films!*

Where you can claim Classic Movies!
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Please join the sister community, gem_claims.


Welcome to Classic Claims, where you can claim 2 classic films, preferably from the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Please read the following rules before joining:

1. You can only claim a maximum of TWO films. Please don't get upset if someone else has taken the film you want. There's got to be tons of others you like!
2. Please just post a small request for your films and nothing more. If you want to talk about classic films, go to a classic film community. I strongly suggest going to classic_film. Good community! :)
3. Please, NO swearing!
4. Advertising is OK, as long as it pertains to a classic film/classic movie star community. I don't want to see, say, an Ashlee Simpson community being advertised here, lol.
5. Once you have chosen 2 movies, please don't try and switch movies with other people or give up a movie. Once you've chosen the 2 movies, it's final. I say this because I don't want to cause problems and people getting upset.
-Only exception: If a person deletes their journal without notifying the community that they have a new one, their claim is up for grabs. This is the only exception I will make for people who wish to trade a movie for another one.

6. Have fun!

-Your name will be put on a claim list under the classic movie/movies you claim.

-Please notify me if you have a new journal or you if you deleted one, so you won't lose your claim/claims.

Here's a banner you may put in your LJ userinfo (helps spread the word!):

I claimed (put your 2 movie claims here) at classic_claims!

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